TRUTH OR DARE: Red Lipstick


“Red doesn’t Look good on me.”

“Red makes me look like a clown”

“I’m too dark to wear red”

[insert eyeroll]

I’ve heard black women speak these phrases time and time again (and I’m guilty myself) but I’ve come to learn that it’s just not true. Red is definitely a statement color. It must be worn with confidence, (Otherwise you’ll be self conscious and think everyone is staring at you!) But it can certainly be worn by EVERYONE.

Red lipsticks come in various shades and textures, there are endless options.  However, every shade of red isn’t for everybody.  Your skin undertones and the shape and size of your lips can drastically impact how a lipstick will look on. If you’re new to red, start with a more subtle color like MAC’s “Diva.” Which I think is the perfect break-in color for deeper skin tones who are new to red lipstick.  Once you’re comfortable, you can work your way up to brighter shades. Drug store brands can also be great, but since you can’t try them on first it’s hard to be sure if it’s for you. To truly find the perfect red, go into a Sephora or MAC store and try some colors on. It may cost a little more but think of it as an investment. Since red is such a daring color, you want to do it right.

Also, keep in mind that bold, brighter colors tend to bring out more of the imperfections in your skin. They can make dark circles under the eyes appear darker and bring out more of the unevenness in your skin tone. When wearing a red lipstick I recommend concealing underneath the eyes with a concealer or wearing full face foundation. This will make your overall look appear more polished.

My personal faves are Diva and Ruby Woo from MAC and Red Lizard by NARS.



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