The Intersection

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We met at the intersection between color and queerdom. At a time when we were expected to cower and hide, we rose up in pride with deep belly laughter at how resilient our love can be. On Sunday, June 26th, 2016, New York City came together in honor of

Napsody in Full Bloom

Urban Garden

And so, we bloom. In July of 2015, the Napsody in Bloom photoshoot took place at Shakespeare Garden in New York City’s Central Park. The photo project is in collaboration between the Nu Afrikan Artivist Movement (NAAM) and the Brand Evolve by Bajan fashion entrepreneur and creative, Rhaj Paul. EVOLVE is a premium apparel line

To Be AfroCaribbean

African Identity Within the Caribbean

This year we set out for the 48th Annual Labor Day West Indian – Caribbean American Carnival and Parade hosted in the Crown Heights neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY. The West Indian Day Carnival is the largest parade in New York City attracting millions to Eastern Parkway for five days of festivities and a cultural extravaganza.

50 Shades of Beautiful

What Color Am I Now?

The “50 Shades of Beautiful” photo series began last year as a collaboration with the Nu Afrikan Artivist Movement (NAAM), the photographer Nicole Bacchus, and the visual artist, Ibrahim Wann, whose illustrative style extends from realism to abstract artwork with the flick of his paint brush. NAAM creator, Kymani Jade, asked Bacchus, a graduate of

It’s My Time

Meet Jamie Parker, Founder of Me O'clock

Me O’clock is a movement that emphasizes self worth in the face of adversity. It is a constant reminder that time is of the essence and in order to help and care for others you must make sure to take care of yourself first. It provides people of all ages and ethnicities with the motivation and willingness to

I Am African

It's not up for discussion

am an American. I have an African identity. And no, it is not debatable. Ever since I can remember, I have been a pan-African. I came from one of those households that were centered on Black pride, enforcing knowledge of the history of people who looked like me the world over. Yes, we celebrated Kwanzaa,

I saw Love a conversation with Freedom

I saw Love in a conversation with Freedom methodic like refugees from silence destined for treason melodic like rhymes of passion dancing with reason chaotic like distorted, contorted, perverted realities bushmen gone madmen, swearing their divinity black diamonds cut the roots, now the baobab bleeds but ubuntuists without borders with the hitchhiker’s guide to the globe